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Energy storage solutions for motive power and grid energy storage

48V 600Ah Lithium-Ion Motive Power Battery

This investment will save you real money. If you want to know why you should consider changing your batteries to a quality li-ion technology click "Read More" button on the right. We will prove, that this investment will bring you benefits sooner than you think.

Li-Ion technology vs classic lead-acid technology:
  • lower total cost of ownership

  • reliability: few times more charging cycles up to 7.000 cycles

  • cost effective: lower up to 20% consumption of energy, CO2 footprint reduction

  • production efficient: no waste of time for exchange of the battery

  • maintenance free

  • charging room not needed

  • no more accidents and injuries of hands during exchange of battery

  • fast recharge time during coffee brakes, only 90 min. to 80% capacity, 2h total charging, only 1 pcs. needed for continues operation

  • higher capacity Ah


This is the place, where You will learn about all the places we can implement our energy storage solutions to help you manage the energy storage in your business or at home.


Our Lithium-ion solutions are industry grade, tested, safe and easy to implement to all the top brands equipment in various sectors of industry, including but not limited to brands below

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