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The advantage of lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid batteries.

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Currently, more and more customers, especially in logistic centers, are completely switching to fork-lift trucks using lithium-ion batteries due to a whole range of new possibilities.

Counting the real running costs over time, the cost of a lithium battery is cheaper at the total cost of battery use. The relatively higher purchase price is quickly compensated by a few times longer lithium battery life, resistance to destruction by operators, lower power consumption, which in the current year has increased by 70% and no need to incur expenditures for the expansion or maintenance of battery holds.

In cases where lead-acid battery charging takes place in the warehouse, in the case of a lithium battery, it is possible to transfer charging points to the place of direct work and thus to obtain a larger storage area or to recover and assign the holds to other purposes.

Currently, lithium batteries are used in Poland by large logistics centers and factories.

The use of lithium batteries resembles the history from about 10 years ago with led lighting, which is already standard. Lithium technology in the course of the following years will successfully replace leaded technology.

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